Forget the Roads has just finished a series of posts on the canon of Scripture. It is excellent. It may take a while to read all the way through, but I highly recommend that you do. I can’t find a place over there that lists all the posts in order, so I’ve taken the liberty to do so, with links, here.

Part 1: The Canon Controversy
Part 2: The Apocrypha 
Part 3: Endangering the Souls of Men
Part 4: The Infallible and Undeceivable Word of God
Part 5: Something Very, Very Strange
Part 6: The True Touchstone
Part 7: Outside the Canon and Judged Apocryphal
Part 8: Methinketh
Part 9: May This Bible Please You
“Breather”: Coming Up For Air
Part 10: Shopping Cart
Part 11: At Your Wits’ End
Part 12: Reevaluating the Evidence
Part 13: Somewhat Bulkier and More Comprehensive
Part 14: WWJC?
Part 15: An Almost Total Lack of Evidence
Part 16: Who’s In Charge Here?
Part 17: Unheeded By the Church
Recap: Another One Bites the Dust
Part 18: Information Manipulation
Part 19: Cross-Referencing
Part 20: Let Us See Whether His Words Be True
Part 21: Strange Inconsistencies
Part 22: To Look for Home from God
Part 23: Shots in the Dark
Part 24: A Custom-Made Canon
Part 25: What Has Been Given Through the Apostles
Part 26: The Authentic Tradition Received from the Apostles
Part 27: <>If The Apostles Themselves Had Not Left Us Writings
Part 28: The Power of Judging Scripture
Part 29: Are We To Suppose?
Part 30: In Regard to the Canonical Scriptures
Part 31: Scripture in the Fullest Sense
Part 32: A Very Lumpy Rug
Part 33: Standing Alone
Part 34: A Formal Pronouncement on the Canon
Part 35: God As Their Author
Part 36: That Principle is Tradition
Part 37: Untenable Judgments
Part 38: The Burden of Proof
Final Wrap Up: Pop Quiz